Jessica Szalinkski, Environment and Community Advisor – Glencore makes a point during a field day looking at land remediation.

Glencore supports remediation efforts

Glencore has supported the LDC project from the start.

Glencore has supported training events and landscape remediation field days through financial assistance and in-kind support.

Glencore provided in-kind rock for rock chutes undertaken by the Scottville cluster. In this video, grazier Stan Fordham , of Emohruo, near Scottville, explains what the donation of rock meant to him in being able to address a major erosion problem.

The company also shared knowledge of landscape remediation and water quality monitoring techniques at demonstration and community feedback days.

Glencore’s David Gullo shares knowledge about landscape remediation methodologies on mine sites and principles that are transferrable to smaller scale sites.

Pictured in the boardroom at NQ Dry Tropics in 2018 are (from left) Glencore Coimmunity Relations Manager Coal Assets Australia Craig Strudwick (left) with NQ Dry Tropics CEO Scott Crawford and LDC Project Manager Andrew Yates (right).

This sign near the six Scottville Cluster Group properties acknowledges the partnership between the NQ Dry Tropics’ LDC project and Glencore.