Helping to ensure the integrity of the gas pipeline in NQ

Eyes on the pipe

The pipeline is owned by Palisade and is operated by AGL and Arrow Energy through a jointly owned company called EIM. TW Power Services is the maintenance provider of the pipeline.

TW Power Services makes regular checks of the pipeline, from the air and on ground. The organisation also relies on landowners whose property the pipeline crosses to be their eyes on-ground.

Plan to control erosion

The North Queensland Gas Pipeline (NQGP) is a 391km onshore natural gas pipeline system, with capacity to transport up to 108 terajoules of gas a day from the Moranbah Gas Project in the Bowen Basin to power industrial users in Townsville.

The pipeline runs through the BBB catchment. The LDC project and TW Power Services is working together to develop an erosion control plan for the easement that runs through the BBB.

The scope of works includes:

  • inspecting likely sites along the pipeline easement between Strathmore and Strathalbyn because there are a number of gully heads along this section that are expanding onto the easement. A remediation technical design will be developed for one site.
  • developing an erosion control plan for the easement that runs through the BBB (including an estimate of costs) with the aim to reinstate ground and halt further erosion that is affecting the ground level over the gas pipeline.
  • meeting and discussing the concept plan with NQ Gas maintenance crews and contractors (Townsville Earthmoving), and discuss amendments to the plan based on contractors capabilities, availability of material and budget.
  • completing the erosion control plan.

These activities were expected to be completed by the time this newsletter was published.

The project is keen to continue to work with NQ Gas and TW Power Services to coordinate and implement future erosion control works along the gas pipeline. The LDC project can also help landholders implement site-specific grazing management practices that can assist with gully remediation and other erosion issues along the pipeline easement. 

Erosion along the pipeline near the Burdekin River at Strathalbyn.

Finding common ground

The LDC project will never achieve the desired whole-of-catchment water quality and land management outcomes if the sole focus is on the grazing community.

In saying that – the project is not a finger pointing exercise – it’s about gaining an understanding of how other land managers operate, identifying a standard of practice equivalent to what is being asked of the grazing community, then ensuring those responsible for implementing and maintaining on-ground works have the knowledge and commitment to deliver at this level.

LDC has been fortunate to work with councils, mines, government departments and utility providers across the BBB catchment.