End Of Year Catch ups

CATCHMENT catch ups are being held across the BBB in December. Check out the dates and venues, we’d love to see you.

Catchment catch up dates:

  • Wednesday, 4 December 11am – 2pm Inkerman Shop  (lunch provided).
  • Wednesday, 4 December 4-7pm Gumlu Tavern  (dinner provided).
  • Thursday, 5 December 4-7pm Bowen River Hotel  (dinner provided).
  • Friday, 6 December 4-7pm Exevale Station  (dinner provided).

The LDC ‘Catchment Catch ups’ are an opportunity for graziers to quiz the LDC team about the project and priorities specific to their area.

They are informal social gatherings where project staff, grazier project panel members and landholders can chat and ‘catch up’.  

It’s also a great opportunity for graziers to learn how to get involved in the LDC project.

Information about the new reef regulations will be provided at the catch ups.

Information about the Queensland Government’s new Grazing Resilience And Sustainable Solutions (GRASS) program will also be provided.

A total of $5.72 million is available to support beef cattle graziers in the Burdekin, Fitzroy and Burnett Mary regions to help deliver one-on-one support for graziers and tailored land management plans.

The program also includes $1.43 million in financial incentives for infrastructure improvements such as fencing, water troughs and erosion works.

Priority access to incentive funding will be given to producers who gained accreditation under the former Grazing Best Management Practice Program (Grazing BMP).

Find more information on Reef Regulations and the GRASS program here.

Contact one of the LDC team members to reserve your spot at a Community Catch Up.