The conference will be hosted by Carbon Farmers of Australia. Pictured are the CFA principals – Louisa and Michael Kiely.

National Carbon Farming Expo

  • National Carbon Farming Expo Conference 2019
  • Hosted by Carbon Farmers of Australia
  • 35 speakers – 30 exhibitors
  • 4-8 August
  • Albury Entertainment Centre
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Conference Expo agenda:  Four-day event at a glance.

Speaking agenda:

Day 1

Theme:  Setting the domestic and international scene and advances in the soil C space.

Session 1: Domestic and international climate policy settings and mechanisms and the road ahead.

Session 2-4:  Soil carbon: The world’s largest carbon sink over which we have control – harnessing its potential evolution in methods, measurement and trading revealed.

Day 2

Theme: Carbon farming, carbon trading and the carbon markets.

Session 1: Part 1 – Beef herd methane reduction.

Part 2 – Tree carbon, tree planting, plantations, agro-forestry and beyond.

Session 2: Alternative market mechanisms – beyond the ERF.

Session 3: Climate policy vision for the future.

Session 4: Sun and the wind: How can farmers take advantage of these opportunities developing their ‘whole of farm’ carbon farm plan?

For more information contact your grazing support officer:

Sheridan Callcott: 0447 010 002;

Adrienne Hall: 0428 158 859, or

Eilis Walker: 0412 637 026.