Software to help graziers run a business

Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) Breedcow software package can help graziers to plan, evaluate and improve the profitability and financial management of beef enterprises.  DAF is a valued delivery partner of the LDC project and can help graziers how to navigate the software package.

LDC, in conjunction with DAF, can organise Breedcow software package training for graziers, either one on one, or small groups.  Breedcow can help graziers to:

  • compare the likely profitability of the herd under different management or turnoff systems;
  • make forward projections of stock numbers, sales, cash flow, net income, debt and net worth;
  • decide what to sell when the plan goes sour or what to buy when there is an opportunity; and
  • evaluate long term investments in herd or property improvement to determine the rate of return on extra capital.

For more information and to register your interest contact:

  • Adrienne Hall on 0428 158 859
  • Eilis Walker on 0412 637 026
  • Sheridan Callcott on 0439 421 994